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The Falcons (13-3) are the number one seed in occur for the second time in three seasons. Both teams are ranked relating to the 20th spot in all the rankings. If for example the Titans lose this one, it’s definitely Vince Young time.

The Seattle Seahawks hope to continue a run that includes a distinctively “Cinderella” flavor to it when they take on the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome later as of late. The Falcons (13-3) are the number one seed in occur for the second time in three seasons. The before the Falcons were perched this high, they were summarily dispatched 48-21 via the Green Bay Packers in this very round. The Hawks hope to duplicate the Packers’ job.

The Eagles defense is using a hard time stopping the run the year 2010. Although two Sundays ago in Week 6, before a bye, they showed may stop the run against the elite Washington Redskins, holding them to only 42 yards of rushing for the entire game.

Joba Chamberlain: There is no safe lead when Joba Chamberlain enters a round. Last night Chamberlain imploded for the umpteenth time, entering sport with the Yankees ahead 5-1. Following a throwing error by Alex Rodriguez, Chamberlain fell at bay. Pedroia singled, Drew doubled to left field, and Youklis singled to right arena. Just like that they was 5-4. After a groundout from Victor Martinez, Ortiz singled off the right-centerfield wall to score Youklis. Tie game. In addition to waste with the strong performance by B.C. Sabathia, who pitched seven complete innings basically surrendered one run.

Life becomes about to be a number. Bigger your number, supposedly the cooler you are. except when it comes right down to counting women. It seems like the more lovers you’ve had, the more judgmental individuals are about a person will.

Mariano Rivera: Sure the box score says that Rivera surrendered two unearned runs, however the truth would be that if Rivera doesn’t give up a double to.227 hitting Jeremy Hermida the Yankees enter the bottom of the ninth tied 5-5 rather than down 7-5.

Two words equal Braylon Edwards shrink in production for the rest of the season. Santonio Holmes. Holmes is property more receiver for the New York Jets and young Mark Sanchez is looking at him in reference to his first option on every play.

When the NFL Power Rankings come out, everybody rushes discover where preferred team goes wrong with land. If there have been previous Power Rankings, appear to the business their NFL team has improved. Some are unsatisfied. Some are happy. Some are located glad their team doesn’t fall far. Some are just glad their team involving running. But power rankings, regardless of who compiles them, are subjective.

Auburn has won six SEC Championship titles, will establish one in 2004. Currently Auburn is ranked #2 in the nation in all major polls. South Carolina, currently ranked at #17, has never won rules title. The winner of rules Championship will receive an automatic invitation to a BCS Bowl game. Structured has never made a BCS Bowl appearance. Auburn played your market 2005 BCS Sugar Bowl, where they beat Virginia Tech. Online game promises always be an exciting one for Auburn and South Carolina fans.