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Johnson is in a position of putting up 150 total yards and 1 touchdown this monday. Louis defense makes Ward a sneaky play in week just. 50-75 yards and 1 touchdown are possible. So show your football sports pride New york.

We’ve had some upsets and some blowouts in Week 5, in addition to the end of the day, there are still 5 undefeated teams in the NFL. All 5 are in the top 5 of the power rankings this month as St. Louis and Kansas battle it out for the bottom spot.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins – This is often a tough another one. The Patriots are the better team talent wise however think Miami still possesses the potential to conquer them in. I think I’ll take a risk on them this time around. Dolphins win.

New Orleans Saints at wholesale Washington Redskins – The Redskins are playing better. But, I assume they purchase the fire capacity match they. Saints win.

Atlanta Falcons – Time ago We the 49ers as my dark horse to win the Nfc. Atlanta only has one loss of the year which is was to Tom Brady and reputable company. Look for them to keep on winning considering they uncover play the Bucs and Panthers a few more times.

Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh steelers – The Steelers were with out Big Ben last week and went to overtime before losing to the Ravens. Their back is against the wall now and I think they rebound at . Steelers win.

Former first round draft pick Laurence Maroney for the New England Patriots is entering his fourth season in the NFL. He’s not had the same production a NFL because had for the Gophers. He currently listed as 3rd workout team running back for the Patriots depth chart across the team’s official website.

19. Green Pay Packers – Another team off a bye week they play in a really tough division and need to beat through everybody else outside with the NFC North, excluding Detroit.

Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson and Testosterone.J. Houshmandzadeh. Weapons! And on defense? Yuck. Pittsburgh has been great on a road trip this year, and when they don’t like to cover a range when they are a home favorite, they in order to cover for a road underdog. And they smashed in the Bengals’ faces already once this year. Remember, a good defense will tear apart a good offense in January. Truly. PICK: Pittsburgh.